COMPANY NAME : PT. TEMAS-Suzue Indonesia
ADDRESS : Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav.33, Sunter Jaya, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
DATE FOUNDED : October 16, 2012
CAPITAL : Rp25,000,000,000
SHAREHOLDERS : PT. TEMAS LESTARI 51% (Rp12,750,000,000)
SUZUE CORPORATION 49% (Rp12,250,000,000)
PRESIDENT DIRECTOR : Mr. Hadijaya Khusumo

Message From Management


TEMAS Suzue Indonesia (TSI) is an alliance of the two reputable companies with a strategic goal to satisfy Indonesian and international market of logistic, distribution business and contribute to Indonesia’s economic growth.

TEMAS Suzue Indonesia established in May 2012, the Company has sustained the strong points of TEMAS Group and Suzue Corporation by applying operational excellence to achieve logistic efficiency.

At this young age, TSI has gained creditable reputation and successfully serving top brand food and beverage companies. TSI has been prepared to be internationally known and expand dynamically by applying international standards in its operations.

TSI aims to be an integrated one-stop logistic service company in our near future, which meets customer satisfactions, by our responsible human resources with their hard works and strategic efforts.

Vision & Mission

VISION: Temas Suzue Indonesia has a vision to be the leading and most reliable logistics company.

MISSION: To provide unlimited logistics services that lead to zero claim and on time delivery.



Be Professional
and Innovative.


Professional is how all individuals in the Company serve the customers in the most effective way.


Innovative is how each individual in the Company takes initiatives and optimize technology to support the Company’s operations.

truck suzue

About Us

Operated by partnering with the sister company PT Pelayaran Tempuran Emas, Tbk (TEMAS Line) and all the companies under TEMAS Group, TSI ensures the Company to maximize their performance. As part of a leading Japanese company, TSI optimistic targets to build and sustain a strong business relationship with companies in Indonesia.

The Company has covered a variety of industries for various products, such as food and beverages, hospital equipment, ceramics and fiber optic cables. Supported by its strong point, TSI is committed to growing rapidly and expanding to penetrate new industries.

Numbers of leading manufacture companies have trusted TSI to be the customers, such as Coca Cola Indonesia, Inbisco Niagatama Semesta (Mayora Group), Ajinomoto Indonesia, Amerta Indah Otsuka (Pocari Sweat), Calpis Indonesia (Calpico), United Family Food, Merapi Utama Pharma (medical equipment supplier), Metro Garmin, Ricos Farmindo (poultry supplier) and Jembo Cable Company (optic cable manufacturer).

Responding to the emergent market of logistic and distribution in Indonesia and the credibility from one of the big four shipping companies in Indonesia TEMAS Line that has experienced for 27 years, Suzue Corporation built a joint venture with TEMAS Group in May 2012 named TEMAS Suzue Indonesia.

Company History

The journey starts from existence of Suzue Corporation for more than 100 years with its worldwide expertise in logistics and distribution. This Japanese company has grown strongly and expanded to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Responding to the emergent market of logistics and distribution in Indonesia and the credibility of TEMAS Line in its 25 year establishment as one of the big four shipping companies in Indonesia, Suzue Corporation invested 49% shares and built a joint venture with TEMAS Group in May 2012 named TEMAS Suzue Indonesia.

The fusion of the two big companies reflects the harmony of modern technology and human touch, between information technology and two-way communication. The union is represented in the logo of Temas Suzue Indonesia, which promotes blue as Suzue’s color, gold for prosperity as TEMAS Group’s corporate color and red as Indonesian color.

The joint venture has grown for two years and the Company endeavors to be part of Indonesian growth and support Indonesian market expansion.

Our Branches

OUR BRANCHES: Delivering more value and satisfaction, Temas Suzue Indonesia is reinforced by credible human resources and advanced logistic and distribution system at each branch throughout Indonesia.
PARTNERS: Temas Suzue Indonesia strives to satisfy the customers with professional and advanced services, among others, by partnering with financial institutions such as Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Bank Mandiri and Bank Mega for more effective payment methods. To assure the customers safety and security of their goods, TSI has a great partnership with insurance companies such as Tokio Marine Insurance, BNI Life Insurance and Mitra Insurance.

Gd. PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV
Ambon, LT. 1
TEL: (62-911) 353 055, 348 880
FAX: (62-911) 34179

Banjarmasin (Agent)
Jalan Soetoyo S.
Komplek Rajawali No. 4,
Kel. Teluk Dalam, Kec. Banjar Barat
Banjarmasin 70117
TEL: (0511) 3364038
FAX: (0511) 3364125

Mega Cipta Industrial Park Blok A No. 3
Batu Ampar, Batam
TEL: (62-778) 751 3899, 705 9838
FAX: (62-778) 412 750

Biak (Agent)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 6, Biak
TEL: (62-981) 21724
FAX: (62-981) 21608

Jl. 46 S.H. Sarundajang
Kel. Bitung Barat 2, Kec. Maesa Kota Bitung
Sulawesi Utara 95512
TEL: (62-438) 36 747, 31 255
FAX: (62-438) 32 357

Jakarta Head Office
Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav.33 Sunter Jaya
Jakarta Utara
Jakarta 14350
TEL: (62-21) 430 2388
FAX: (62-21) 438 00461

Jl. Kelapa Dua Entrop
Komplek Ruko Daihatsu No. 9
Jayapura 99224
TEL: (62-967) 521 271, 521 907
FAX: (62-967) 550 924

Kupang (Agent)
JL.Sunan Gunung Jati No.18 Kupang
Solor, Kelapa Lima Kupang 85229 NTT
TEL: (0380) 829863, 826268
FAX: (0380) 831718

Jl.Sultan Abdullah No.75
Makassar 90212
TEL: (62-411) 457 324, 457 325, 446 153,
446 013
FAX: (62-411) 446 154

Manokwari (Agent)
PT. LUAS LINE Jl.Siliwangi No. 11
TEL: (62-986) 212 2558
FAX: (62-986) 212 906

Palembang (Agent)
Jl. AKBP Cek Agus 1344 F
TEL: (62-711) 369 920, 367 997
FAX: (62-711) 364 451

Jl. Nenas/Utama No.19A-2
Kelurahan Jadirejo Kecamatan Sukajadi
Pekanbaru 28113
TEL: (62-761) 23 624
FAX: (62-761) 27 291

Jl. Gusti Hamzah No. 8
Pontianak 78117
TEL: (62-561) 747 703
FAX: (62-561) 746 274

Samarinda (Agent)
Jl.Arjuna No 9 Rt 08
Kel Jawa
Kec Samarinda Ulu Kota Samarinda
TEL: (0541) 748621
FAX: (0541) 2030320

Jl. Perak Timur No. 216-A
Surabaya 60165
TEL: (62-31) 328 2525
FAX: (62-31) 328 2524

Jl. Ahmad Yani Kuda Laut Komp.
PT. Perikanan Nusantara
Ex. Usaha Mina
Sorong Kota. Papua Barat 98414
TEL: (62-951) 324 646
FAX: (62-951) 324 545

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