By delivering the right solution based on budget and needs, the Company offers integrated logistic services comprising door to door distribution, warehousing, stuffing, stripping, trucking and custom clearance which are customer focused on.


Delivering goods
to your doorstep


Supported by pioneer and experienced shipping companies
and reliable fleets of container carriers.


Supported by systematic
global standard facilities

Door to Door Services

Our delivery system is designed to carry out door to door delivery service ontime, efficiently and effectively

Domestic Coverage

Optimizing the excellences and experiences for more than two decades in domestic
shipping and logistics, TEMAS Suzue Indonesia strives to deliver value and satisfaction
to the customers.

domestic coverage


The Company offers integrated logistics services comprising door to door distribution,
warehousing, staffing stripping, trucking and custom clearance which are customer
focused, by delivering the right solutions based on budget and needs.


Offering maximum safety and
performance aligned with timely deliver


Co-operated with
International shipping companies

Custom Handling

Conducted with
experienced custom experts

Door to Door Services

Hassle-free delivery to your door, we have many experience handling wide range of goods

Overseas Network

Sustaining worldwide logistics experiences recorded by Suzue Corporation and maximizing
the performance of human resources and facilities, TEMAS Suzue Indonesia confidently
penetrates international market.

overseas coverage

Process & Workflow

Powered by competent human resources and well-built transportation,
Temas Suzue Indonesia assures the customers to have their goods delivered safely and arrive on time.
IT has TEMAS Accurate system enables the customers to monitor the status and
position of their valuable cargo anytime and anywhere during the shipping and distribution.

proses workflow




Food Grade Containers

Side Loader

SPECIAL CONTAINERS The Company provides special containers for specific needs and products, including racked containers for motorcycles and cars. In addition, to maintain the quality and safety of the goods, especially food & beverage products and hospital equipment, the Company uses food grade and hygienic containers.

STEVEDORING TSI is supported by a stevedoring company which is TEMAS Line’s subsidiary with brand new cranes, reachstackers and forklifts, to conduct fast, smooth and reliable activities.

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